What collaborators say

Karen Mok, Co-Founder & COO of The Cosmos
Bianca is a visionary. I wanted to work with her because of her self-awareness and her ability to tell an authentic, relatable story with visual elements. She has an intuition that is magical, inspiring, and amazing to work with.

Ankit Shah, Founder and CEO of Tea With Strangers
I love your style of work. Your self-awareness, honesty, and life-loving approach to expressing yourself and your work inspires me, and I wanted to be a part of that. Tea With Strangers was just a fortunate avenue to do so, and I felt that your voice was beautifully aligned with my hopes for how Tea With Strangers would be perceived.

I appreciate your willingness to work with me and accommodate my requests, your push back when you felt strongly about your preferences and the way that you communicated so clearly about your timeline and expectations.

Tonie Warner, Founder of Yuja Yoga & Yuja Soul
In addition to loving the design we landed on, I felt seen throughout the entire creative process. The process was the best part - it truly felt collaborative. Bianca was able to expertly and safely guide me towards the best choice that felt reflective of what I seek to offer, but also offer possibility and space.

In this collaboration, I learned so much about branding and myself, as Bianca's creative process was able to guide me deeper into clarity regarding my voice and vision.

Shengxiao "Sole" Yu, Social Justice Educator and CEO of Nectar
In addition to experiencing Bianca's art installation, I had also been in several shared virtual spaces with Bianca in 2020, including an online class we took together and a program where Bianca participated, and I was a co-facilitator. These were intimate, vulnerable spaces in which we shared openly, and based on our shared identities and experiences, we were able to build trust. Stepping into our project with trust and having Bianca being such a great listener, we were able to co-create a very collaborative experience that resulted in a beautiful and deeply meaningful logo and brand. I am so happy to have a brand name, logo, and designs that I feel so deeply connected to. I feel so seen and heard with Bianca understanding my vision and bringing the brand to life.

Wayne Chang, Proprietor of WYC Technology
You knew what I wanted and how you could help me me get there. Anything that lets me use less mental power on design is a win for me, and that starts with a mutual understanding of the project goals. I felt that you were able to quickly contextualize the project and present a great deliverable without much effort on my part.

Sara R. Radin, Co-founder of It's Not Personal
I wanted to work with you because of your insatiable curiosity and eagerness to collaborate and learn. You delivered results that were on brand, clean, simple and straightforward. You helped us create a strong brand identity that speaks to our growing platform.

Julian Bridges, Writer, Filmmaker and Musician
I chose to work with you due to two primary reasons: A) I know you personally, and you're an incredibly talented, kind, engaging human being. B) Your work is top-notch, and I think it brings a level of humanity and personality to logo/title design that typically isn't found in an increasingly tech-driven world.

I loved the fact that you gave me several options to choose from and work with. Though I didn't entirely know what I was looking for (sorry!!), you were able to provide a whole array of different styles for me to choose from. That meant more to me than I can say. As someone who can readily be described as indecisive, it was unbelievably helpful to go through each of the several stages of experimentation!

Additionally, I felt like we were able to communicate clearly and without any of the unnecessary formalities that some people tend to hold close. I honestly just thought it was a great process.

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