Take Up Space

Role: Art Direction, Lettering, Illustration, Research, Interviews, Event production
Selected Press: Stamps Alumni Juried Exhibition, Argonaut, The Slant, People making cool things

Photo Credits: Natasha Janardan and Bradley Afroilan

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Take Up Space is a storytelling project where I investigated a nuanced topic specific to women's experiences. I documented and artistically translated thirty-one interviews to share during Women's History Month in March. 2017's theme was Who is Your Shero? 2018's theme was Defying Dualities.

Take Up Space's mission is to capture a pin drop of what it means to be an everyday woman. A tiny snapshot of history. For too long, women have quietly listened to stories being told, often by men. This project aspires to empower females to contribute their intimate, vulnerable stories and take up as much space as they want.

In 2018, I gave a series of talks and hosted engaging events to challenge the public's preconceived notions of gendered contradictions. With The Cosmos I co-hosted a Gendered Contradictions Dinner where 7 men and 7 women gathered to listen and share their narratives. Singlehandedly, I created an interactive, art event called Defying Dualities: An evening of female art and conversation. The participants and the audience had a unique opportunity to connect and share their experiences through vulnerable storytelling. Both interactive events sold out.

Defying Dualities

Growing up, girls are expected to embody multiple expectations, which are often contradicting and follow them into adulthood. We should be sexy, but not a slut. We should be emotional, but not crazy. We should speak our minds, but make sure everyone in the room is comfortable. Defying Dualities aims to spread awareness that women don't need to live within the confines of a black and white world.

Who is Your Shero?

I collected 31 stories from people who were inspired by a woman. The women honored ranged from moms to co-workers to Michelle Obama. Every day in March I illustrated and shared a story answering "Who is your shero?" on Instagram. This project was a celebration of strong women and an oral history of what it means to be a woman.

Fun tidbit: I'm secretly terrified of using colors. As a creative challenge, I used over 60 unique colors for this project.