Everything Is Temporary

Graphic designers are no longer simply being responsive, but instead, they are redefining the potentials for the future of visual communication. I was asked to respond to the question, “What is my statement as a graphic designer?”

I designed an interactive, typographic installation out of post-it notes, which emphasized communication, but the ‘interaction’ aspect touches upon the idea of responsibility and relevance to society. People were allowed to interact with the piece by contributing or taking away. I wanted people to question the ephemeral nature of life. If everything is so temporary, including graphic design, what is the point?


1 fine tip sharpie, 2 rolls of double sided tape, 500 yellow Post-it notes, and 10 hours.


Direct quotes and what I overheard

"What the fuck?"
“That’s kinda cool.”
“When I first walked by I thought it said ‘Everything is Tempo’ and I thought it was some weird musical thing. But now I see it’s temporary and I like it a lot. Really cool job.”
“Can I be in the photo? This is beautiful by the way!”
“Where were you during the fire drill? Did it disrupt your work? Can you tell me what happened during the fire drill? I want to post it on my blog.”

Click here for my process, sketches, and reflections.