100 Days of Better Conversations

Role: Creative Direction, Lettering, Illustration
Recognition: Honorable Mention from the Guy Palazzola Memorial Award in the Undergraduate Juried Exhibition

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In 4 months, I had 100 conversations, 50 with strangers and 50 with people I know (friends, family, coworkers, and peers). I combined my obsession with design and conversations into a social and visual experiment.

The moment leading up to the initial contact with a complete stranger makes me want to throw up so I decided to challenge myself to do it 50 times. I believe that every authentic conversation you have with a stranger can impact your life. But conversations are not just about random interactions. I wanted to explore every aspect about conversations. What happens when you talk to an old friend you haven’t seen in 5 years or your dad who is extremely reserved?

It was important that this personal project stayed an experiment. Every visual piece was created during one sitting. These 7 months were part of my field research for my BFA thesis. I cannot design something for better conversations without actually having them myself. This project was part of a bigger community through
 The Great Discontent called The 100 Day Project hosted by Elle Luna. The project was initially created by Michael Bierut.

Initially, I posted everything on my Instagram with a short reflection, but afterward, I created a website with more unedited, detailed reflections.

Click here for the official 100DOBC website.

Public Interactions 
These were some of the comments, conversations, and interactions with strangers and friends relating to the project. These messages came from texts, Facebook, Tinder, and Instagram. Some were encouraging and completely unexpected while others were just plain creepy. 


For each conversation, I listened to the recording, transcribed it, and picked a quote. I explored as many different visual styles as possible. The illustrations were produced in one sitting, but if I didn't like the outcome, I repeated the process over again. The purpose of creating the project in a sketchbook was to prevent me from getting too wrapped up in the final product. Experimentation was the goal of my project.

Click here for my process reflection.