Everything Is Temporary

Medium: Post-it notes
Role: Art direction, installation

Designers are no longer simply being responsive, but instead, they are redefining the potentials for the future of visual communication. I was asked to respond to the question, “What is my statement as a designer?”

I designed an interactive, typographic installation out of post-it notes, which emphasized communication, but the ‘interaction’ aspect touches upon the idea of responsibility and relevance to society. People were allowed to interact with the piece by contributing or taking away. I wanted people to question the ephemeral nature of life. If everything is so temporary, including design, what is the point?

Link to my process, sketches, and reflections.

BNG Design Illustrator Artist Writer NYC

1 fine tip sharpie, 2 rolls of double sided tape, 500 yellow Post-it notes, and 10 hours.

Direct quotes and what I overheard:

"What the fuck?"
“That’s kinda cool.”
“When I first walked by I thought it said ‘Everything is Tempo’ and I thought it was some weird musical thing. But now I see it’s temporary and I like it a lot. Really cool job.”
“Can I be in the photo? This is beautiful by the way!”
“Where were you during the fire drill? Did it disrupt your work? I want to post it on my blog.”

BNG Design Illustrator Artist Writer NYC
BNG Design Illustrator Artist Writer NYC
BNG Design Illustrator Artist Writer NYC
BNG Design Illustrator Artist Writer NYC
BNG Design Illustrator Artist Writer NYC

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