Coming Home

Role: Art Direction, Installation
Photography: Natasha Janardan

This immersive art installation created for The Cosmos Summit: Home–bound is a quiet, meditative space for self-reflection. 200+ Asian women and gender non-binary folks entered into a dreamlike room constructed of fabric, swirling with words and figures exploring the connection between mind, body, and self-forgiveness. This intimate exhibit invited attendees to contemplate what coming home to their body means for them.

Artist statement: "We are born feeling at home in our bodies. Sometimes, trauma threatens our sense of safety. Other times, we simply stray and feel lost from our bodies.

Coming Home to my body is about meeting my neglected younger self with compassion and forgiveness. It is the ability to sit with and within myself without judgment. A chance to mother myself and restore my sense of safety. The path home is a process of self-love through reflection and curiosity."

new york graphic design illustration lettering artist
new york graphic design illustration lettering artist

Coming Home was an re-awakening experience for me to reflect on the painful moments where I felt like I wasn’t enough for myself or for others. It invoked raw emotions in me that I was not prepared to face - ones that I thought I safely stored away for rainy days. Seeing the reaffirming words before my eyes was very difficult as I realized my struggle to fully process what they mean to me, especially as these are not thoughts that I tell myself enough. The installation was a gentle, but necessary reminder for me to practice self-love and I’m so grateful for it.” My-Linh T.

new york graphic design illustration lettering artist

“Rarely do I see the message in artwork as physically and emotionally moving as Coming Home. Upon entering the installation, the bold, unapologetic, black brushstrokes of text are in juxtaposition with the sheer veils of fabric they are written on and the soft, soothing tone of their message - you have a right to belong, to be embraced, and to come as you are as that is enough. The meaning of home is, as the installation, completely open to the viewer's interpretation as everyone has wildly different experiences and narratives. Seeing one person after the next emerging on the other side in tears, however, reminds me to carry a little more compassion in my life for myself and for others, that everyone's deepest hurts and desires are universally human no matter our background, no matter our home.” Helen L.

new york graphic design illustration lettering artist
new york graphic design illustration lettering artist

Coming Home feels like a warm blanket. Sitting in it, I felt my own presence as well as comfort from all the women sharing the space with me.” Tiffany T.

new york graphic design illustration lettering artist
new york graphic design illustration lettering artist

“Bob Dylan once said “the purpose of art is to stop time.” Bianca’s art installation not only stopped time, it put time through a whirlwind, allowing me to see my past, present, and future selves with more clarity and to embrace my community with more love. On my way out of the warm circle, I was greeted with giant letters telling me that I am safe, I am enough, and I am home. I am still on what I now know is a lifelong journey of healing my soul and creating my home. Bianca’s art installation was magical and it brought me closer to that home.” Shengxiao “Sole” Y.

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