I'm an introspective and curious
visual storyteller who’s obsessed with
image-making through typography.

As a Chinese-American designer, artist, and writer, I investigate the Asian American identity, mental health, and vulnerability. My work has been recognized by the Type Directors Club and featured in The Seventh Wave, Art of Survival, and more. My background is in branding, illustration, and print design, and I’m also known for my interdisciplinary passion projects.

In 2017 I founded Take Up Space, a visual storytelling project that celebrates women's voices. Currently, I’m a Brooklyn-based freelance designer and the creative director of The Cosmos.

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Résumé: Here
Hunger by Roxanne Gay
Listening: Brasstracks


The University of Michigan, BFA in Art and Design, Ann Arbor
Central Saint Martins, Integrated Abroad, London

2016, TDC Certificate of Excellence
2015, Honorable Mention, Stamps Undergrad Juried Exhibition
2015, The Arts at Michigan Student Mini-Grant

Selected Exhibitions
2018, Womankind Art Exhibit, One Art Space, New York
2018, Art of Survival, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco
2017, Stamps Alumni Juried Exhibition, Stamps Gallery, Ann Arbor
2016, Mind Your Head, Ann Arbor
2015, Stamps Undergrad Juried Exhibition, Slusser Gallery, Ann Arbor

2018, #TDKTuesdays: the creative process behind Take Up Space
2018, Power of Passion Projects & Taking Up Space, NYC Salon
2018, Friends Work Here Happy Hour

2018, The Cosmos NY Retreat, Creators Studio: Visual Storytelling Workshop
2018, A Zine Making Workshop with Femme Mâché & Take Up Space
2018, Defying Dualities: An evening of female art and conversation
2018, Gendered Contradictions Dinner

Artist residency
2018, Rhinebeck Residency, New York

2018, The Seventh Wave
2018, People making cool things
2018, The Slant
2018, People of Craft
2017, Argonaut

What collaborators say

Ankit Shah, Founder & CEO of Tea With Strangers

"I love your style of work. Your self-awareness, honesty, and life-loving approach to expressing yourself and your work inspires me, and I wanted to be a part of that. TWS was just a fortunate avenue to do so, and I felt that your voice was beautifully aligned with my hopes for how TWS would be perceived.

I appreciated your willingness to work with me and accommodate my requests, your push back when you felt strongly about your preferences and the way that you communicated so clearly about your timeline and expectations."

Julian Bridges, Musician & Director

"I chose to work with you due to two primary reasons: A) I know you personally, and you're an incredibly talented, kind, engaging human being. B) Your work is top-notch, and I think it brings a level of humanity and personality to logo/title design that typically isn't found in an increasingly tech-driven world.

The several steps of experimentation and development were extremely helpful. Additionally, I felt like we were able to communicate clearly and without any of the unnecessary formalities that some people tend to hold close. I honestly just thought it was a great process."

Michelle Poler, Keynote Speaker & Influencer

"I truly enjoyed meeting you through our 100-day projects back in 2015. It’s amazing how we turned an Instagram follow into a real collaboration. I loved how you connected with the Hello Fears movement right away and felt compelled enough to work with me. I always dreamed of having my own merchandise line and this was the beginning of it! After our first meeting IRL you immediately got the concept of what I was going after and in no time, you presented me with twelve bold designs that turned a blurry idea into a tangible product. 

I also loved how well you took my feedback and how fast you reworked your designs to fit my vision 100%. After a year of starting this project with you, I still love the result and even more, I love to share it with others who now use it as daily reminders to make courageous choices on their day today."

Sara R. Radin, Writer, Curator, & founder of It's Not Personal

"I wanted to work with you because of your insatiable curiosity and eagerness to collaborate and learn. You delivered results that were on brand, clean, simple and straightforward. You helped us create a strong brand identity that speaks to our growing platform at It's Not Personal."

Wayne Chang, Proprietor of WYC Technology

"You knew what I wanted and how you could help me get there. Anything that lets me use less mental power on design is a win for me, and that starts with a mutual understanding of the project goals. I felt that you were able to quickly contextualize the project and present a great deliverable without much effort on my part."